How To Install Apps For PC Via BlueStacks 2 On Windows And Mac

It is with no doubt that BlueStacks was the best emulator to program Android games on your Windows or Mac PC a while ago. The developer of this godly application has understood the needs for a major overhaul, and has released the version two of BlueStacks, dubbed BlueStacks 2. Before you say no to this new update, hold your horses! BlueStacks 2 brings about some much needed new and cool features. With the new application, users can now easily enjoy the best Android games and apps on their Windows and Mac computers with more convenience. If you look closely, you will be able to see the new toolbar on the left side of BlueStacks 2, which can shake the screen, allow you to take a screenshot, and even get the location to your map. Not only that, but BlueStacks 2 comes with a whole new UI, which allows seamless multitasking, and a much better experience. The very first thing you’ll notice about BlueStacks 2 is that it looks more like an Android tablet on your computer, rather than just a blown out interface. All in all, the new BlueStacks 2 app player is even more responsive than ever.

Before we learn how to actually install apps for PC via BlueStacks 2 on Windows and Mac, let’s just take a look on what’s new and what has improved with the new update. It is important to understand that BlueStacks 2 was a much needed overhaul, and while the new layout and UI might take some time getting used to, it is well worth it. In BlueStacks 2, the biggest update is the addition of the new toolbar to the left of the emulator. Down below are the new updates and the tasks that it can perform.

  1. Screen Rotation : The first option allows you to play a game or use an application either in landscape mode, or portrait mode. This is extremely useful while utilizing games which tend to take up more screen real-estate.
  2. Screen Shake : While there is no real purpose you would want this, many games use the shake functionality as a way of playing the game, this button comes in extremely handy.
  3. Screen Shot : This is easily the best feature in BlueStacks 2. With just a click of one button, you can easily capture a screenshot of the game you’re playing, and share it across your friends.
  4. Location : Just in case you need the location of your whereabouts, then this little icon will help you grab it, and share in the application you’re using right now.
  5. APK Installer : This in-built feature of BlueStacks 2 allows you to install a ton of APK files with just the click of a button.


Now that we have seen all the new updates in BlueStacks 2, it is time we also learn how to install apps using it. First, we will be taking a look on how you can install BlueStacks 2 on a Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 and on Mac OS X for a Macbook or an iMac. Without any further ado, let’s get started.

Install BlueStacks 2 on Windows / Mac (First Time Installation)

  1. With a working internet connection, and the installer file for BlueStacks 2, you’re pretty much ready to install the real deal. You can grab BlueStacks 2 installer file for Windows as well as for Mac by clicking hereBlueStacks 2 - 1
  2. After the download is done, double-click to run the setup file. You will now come across some basic recommended settings to setup the best BlueStacks 2 experience for you. Just go through the on-screen instructions, and once done, you’re good to go.
  3. Now, allow BlueStacks 2 some time to download required app and game data onto your PC or Mac.BlueStacks 2 - 2
  4. Once installed, launch the BlueStacks 2 app player on your Windows or Mac PC, and then click on the Settings icon on the top bar of the application.
  5. From there, hop into Accounts > Add Account. Click on Google Account, and set your normal Google account up with the required credentials.
  6. Lastly, you have to enable App Sync, so just press continue and confirm your action. BlueStacks 2 - 3
  7. Now, you’ve successfully setup BlueStacks 2 on your Windows or Mac PC!

How To Install Apps For PC Via BlueStacks 2

  1. Launch BlueStacks app player, and click on the Android tab from the top bar.
  2. Now, search for the desired game or application using the search bar on the very top.
  3. This will trigger the Google Play Store to search and find the application of your choice, and then install it as a normal application using the Install button. BlueStacks 2 - 4
  4. You can now use the application from the ‘All Apps‘ tab of BlueStacks 2.

That was it for our comprehensive guide on how to install BlueStacks 2 app player, and then install a game or application using BlueStacks 2 on your Windows / Mac PC.


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