Download Jungle Survival Hero Escape for PC and Laptop

Now you can get Jungle Survival Hero Escape for PC and Laptop powered up with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and MacOS/OS X. You can download Jungle Survival Hero Escape for PC and Laptop from The game offers amazing new features. Read out what it has to offer and then go through the guide to install Jungle Survival Hero Escape for PC and Laptop right away.

Jungle Survival Hero Escape for PC Features and Description:

Jungle Survival Hero Escape for PC
Jungle Survival Hero Escape for PC

Jungle Survival Hero Escape is a quest & adventure game where you craft your own destiny in a huge open forest environment. As a epic hero escape safely in jungle survival from wild animals & solve the secret of the secret of jungle & use everything you find to survive. Your helicopter crash while hunting in safari jungle, you don’t remember how you got to this jungle but now you’re stranded in the wild jungle. Surviving here will be no simple task. Play this jungle survival hero escape mission and get ready to find tools and resources that would help you in escaping. Jungle survival hero find cave & hunt down animals for food build shelter make fire fight and kill the animals that may attack you, kills & run fast in the jungle by making a super hit hero escape story.

Experience the full day-night cycle and face the dangers of darkness and cold. First you’ll need to find food hunt down rabbits. Survival on this wilderness is a tough challenge where you need to gather different resources likes woods stones axe and ropes and make your stay on the tropical forest safe and sound. Wild animals are roaming freely in the rain forest and are in hunt of prey be cautious and defend yourself from wilderness and other dangers. An extreme jungle adventure is waiting for you where you need to implement all possible and survival skills to successfully escape. Make a super hit hero escape story with your fighter skills to explore the forest wilderness carefully. You are pitched against bear, lion, elephant & crocodile hunt with your old trusty hunting rifle defending yourself from wild animals. You aim and you shoot, optionally using a rifle mounted scope to make the task easier. In a wilderness situation you will be confronted with many problems that you need to overcome. Stay alert and aim your target as quickly as possible. Think you have what it takes? Your jungle survival adventure is about to begin in this hero escape survival game.

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You found yourself all alone in the jungle run wandering the fear. Your adventure is about to begin. The angry and hungry crocodile is always near you so you got to be careful attack & kill crocodile with knife. Gather resources from the harsh world to stay alive and expand your escape safely to create more place to live in! There are no signs of earth nearby. You see all kinds of animals in the forest rescue passing by that made you realize that you are the only survivor of helicopter cash. Clear all missions and make yourself survive in jungle and escape. Now you need to fight and struggle for your life if you want to survive!

Jungle Survival Hero Escape Features
Amazing 3D Jungle Environment
Interesting Game Play
Smooth and intuitive controls
Stunning & High Quality 3D Graphics
Thrilling and challenging Missions
Hunt Rabbit, deer & zebra for food
Kill bear, lion elephant & crocodile
Save your stamina for forest rescue

Method#1: Download Jungle Survival Hero Escape for PC and Laptop (Windows and Mac)

  1. Download and install BlueStacks | Bluestacks 2 | Andy OS | Remix OS Player | Remix OS on your Windows PC and Mac.
  2. Assuming that you have installed BlueStacks, or BlueStacks 2 as they are the very first preferences, open the install app player now.
  3. Make sure that you have already setup BlueStacks or BlueStacks 2 app player.
  4. Now in the app player, either click the search icon appearing on the homescreen or click the Android icon in BlueStacks 2 and click on the search icon.
  5. In search, type “Jungle Survival Hero Escape” and search it using Google Play Store.
  6. As soon as Jungle Survival Hero Escape appears in the Play Store, install it.
  7. The new installed game or app will appear under “All Apps” tab on the home-screen or inside the Android tab on BlueStacks 2.
  8. Open the game or app and start playing/using the game/app by following the on-screen instructions.
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Method#2: Download Jungle Survival Hero Escape for PC and Laptop using APK file

  1. Download Jungle Survival Hero Escape APK file.
  2. Make sure that you have downloaded and installed an app player like BlueStacks or BlueStacks 2.
  3. Now double click the downloaded APK file and let BlueStacks install it.
  4. Once done, the new installed app or game will appear under “All Apps” tab on homescreen or in Android tab.
  5. Click the app icon and follow on-screen instructions to enjoy it now. That’s all.

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